The Hosquillo Natural Park

Through pine trees and the river “Escabas”…from the high cliffs that enclose the valley, and important nesting raptor species that are endangered…

                        This place was opened the 22th of October 1964; and was named “parque cinegético Experimental”.

It’s main function was restock species such as deer, fallow deer, mountain goat, roe deer, mouflon and wild boar. “El Hosquillo” with about 1,000 hectares, contains a large number of wildlife species and different Spanish ecosystems.

Besides the research, management and Semi-free breeding of animals; this Park offers an excellent natural setting for the realization of environmental education activities, for which it has a hunting lodge and an Interpretation Center (that has some stuffed animals).

Bears are the most important animals in this park for 40 years. This  bears are living in a naturally enclosed space by impressive limestone walls. Here they have a male and three females (Mateo, Sabina, Silvia and Ginebra).

You can visit this incredible natural space with a guide and with a reservation.

By Raquel Castillejo

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