— Around Guadalajara – HITA (by Iñaki Serrano)

It’s a small town situated in the province of Guadalajara (community of Castilla- La Mancha).

It has an historic and cultural development where we can find some interesting monuments to visit:

The church of San Juan Bautista: It was built in the XIII and XIV with a Mudejar style. Its roof was ruined by the civil war; however, it has been rebuilt in 2002.

Church of San Pedro: It’s from medieval time but it has gone through a lot of changes during the history.

Arcipreste square: It was a market in the middle age. Nowadays, it preserves some old elements and it’s the place where the theatre is performed in the Hita’s Medieval Festival.

Sopetrán Monastery: in the year 611 d.C.  began to build the original monastery, around the hermitage call Sopetrán.

Wineries Hita: Hita has many wineries placed in different parts of town.

Door of Santa María: It’s the main entrance in the Walls built in 1441. Its architecture is gothic but it has been rebuilt too.

Wall of  Hita: survived a stretch of a beautiful wall.

Hita, this small town that has 282 inhabitant, is mentioned in “El cantar del Mío Cid”, the first book written in Castilian.

Her geographic situation gave to Hita a preferential place in the war world.  Came to the throne of the Catholic Monarchs marked the political stability of Castilla the end of wars and battles that led to its importance Hita.

Hita is a historic village, center of historic characters, important wars…

Hita saw the Catholics Monarchs, imperator which Carlos I, the writer Juan Boscán…

Author: Iñaki Serrano

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